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    Nationwide March for Medicare for All Scheduled for July 24 in DC

    Nearly 45,000 deaths are associated with lack of health insurance every year in the
    United States, according to a study published by the American Journal of Public Health.

    The fastest growing grassroots organization trending, Millions Marching For Medicare 4 All is coordinating a massive rally in Washington DC on July 24, 2017 on the West Lawn of the Capitol Grounds. Co-founders Beverly Cowling, human resource trainer/speaker and life-long political activist (AL) and Michael Rushnak, retired medical doctor and author (NJ) are passionate crusaders intent on leaving no one 'on the outside looking in'.


    With the repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) looming on the horizon and the two Republican replacement proposals that political analysts feel are more a tax break for the one percent than healthcare for anyone—a large majority of Americans are demanding universal healthcare. “It's time for America to do for its citizens what literally every other developed nation in the world has had for decades.” (Cowling)


    “Government is the single payer of wars that kill innocent children, but not yet the single payer of healthcare—which could save 123 American lives each day” says Rushnak, expressing strong feelings that resonate with over 60 percent of the American people.


    The rally in Washington will begin at 3pm and will feature high profile speakers from the medical and political arenas, as well as testimonies from private citizens. Among the many esteemed speakers are former Ohio State Senator, President of Our Revolution and rising star progressive in the Democratic party, Nina Turner and Ro Khanna (D-CA). Also scheduled is John Conyers (D-MI), who introduced H.R. 676 last December, a bill that would provide funding and framework for a comprehensive universal healthcare plan.


    Healthcare is a burning issue that affects every person, young and old; every family and every community that bears the skyrocketing weight of foreclosures and bankruptcies that result from medical bills that cannot be paid, as well as failing businesses that come from an unsteady economy and a growing poverty class.


    Coordinating rallies have been organized in communities across the country and participation is expected to be strong. “It's time for the people to speak with one crystal clear voice to demand from our elected representatives the justice of a fair, non-profit healthcare system. We believe it is part of our right to life, provided for us by the Constitution.” (Rushnak)

    Plans are already being discussed for post rally activities. “The size of one's bank account should never be the determining factor in whether one gets medical care. This is the 21st century—not the Dark Ages and we will not stop until every American has access.” (Cowling)



    National organization: Millions Marching For Medicare For All
    Michael Rushnak, Co-founder (732) 873-6539

    Bev Cowling, Co-founder (256) 828-3036