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    Beverly Cowling

    ​Co-Founder and Treasurer

    Beverly Cowling is a certified trainer in Human Resource Development, specializing in conducting seminars on Value and Ethics, Working Together and Management Training. She is a public speaker and a former certified lay speaker with the UMC. She is a retired city letter carrier and has been a progressive activist for nearly forty years.


    Her passion for Single Payer health care was precipitated by her daughter, Shannon's, illness that went undiagnosed for 19 years due to inability to obtain health insurance. Shannon has Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, the most painful condition known to the medical world. When Shannon finally obtained insurance through the ACA exchange, she got a diagnosis, but by then was at late stage 3 in the disease. Had she had been diagnosed at the age of 19, she could have been held to stage 1 and able to lead a relatively normal life. Instead, she lives in chronic and severe pain and is only able to maneuver outside the home by wheelchair.


    She will never realize her dream of running a no-kill animal shelter. Ironically, the insurance that enabled her to get a diagnosis doesn't cover the one treatment that offers her a bit of relief, so the costs of her disease are enormously high and sorely affect the quality of life Shannon and her husband, James, are able to live. Bev is devoting her life to fighting for coverage for Shannon's treatments and ensuring this never happens to any other living soul.

    Bev frequently says that the most abhorrent thing she hears is that health care is a privilege, not a right. She will say to you emphatically, "You cannot tell me that one person's life has more value because of the size of their bank account." That is why she has co-founded Milions Marching For Medicare 4 All, and is determined to continue the fight to her last breath. READ MORE

    Michael Rushnak, MD, MPH


    Michael Rushnak, M.D, M.P.H.is a retired physician and a two-time life-threatening cancer survivor who escaped being quadriplegic because of spinal surgery that removed a piece of bone that had embedded itself in the spinal cord of my neck. Michael is a survivor because he had great healthcare coverage. Dr. Rushnak wants that same affordable care for every American and has made it a crusade in his life.


    After graduating from Rutgers Medical School in 1974, he became an internist and gastroenterologist in his own private practice until he saw the for -profit “sickness-medical-complex” take over the healthcare system and profession of earlier days. To be part of real healthcare reform, Michael entered politics in the late 1980’s and was several times elected the local Democratic Chairman of his town in NJ. He was then selected by the Party to be an alternate delegate for Bill Clinton in 1992 in view of Clinton’s stated strong desire for health reform. Despite meeting the President, Dr. Rushnak, many physicians and nurses were excluded from the Secret Task Force of the Clinton administration--thereby imploding all chances of healthcare reform.


    Subsequently, Michael earned a Masters of Public Health degree and he was appointed to be Managing Physician of Health Care Planning for the NJ State Department of Health. Once again he felt excluded when all healthcare decisions of physicians within the Health Department had to be approved by the Governor. In 2008, he co-founded the non-partisan Americans for Healthcare on Facebook however the politicians once again rebuffed any input from healthcare professionals. Presently, Dr Rushnak has co-founded a grassroots national movement -MILLIONS MARCHING FOR MEDICARE FOR ALL


    Moumita Ahmed

    Moumita is the founder and lead grassroots organizer at Millennials For Revolution ( @bernlennials). Millennials for Revolution is the largest grassroots organization of politically active millennials in the country. They have over 300,000 followers and host a network of 1000's of millennial organizers across the country. They reach about 10 million people per week.


    She is also a founding member of People for Bernie Sanders and a long time campaigner for progressive Democrats running for office in the city of New York. Moumita is currently working to continue engaging young people in politics and become active participants in the resistance. She runs a resistance house in DC for activists involved in the resistance work.


    As someone who doesn't have Healthcare, this is a fight we have to win if we want to survive. Alone, we can only do so much to fight for our basic human rights. But, if we stand together and spark a fire, we will discover that we are more powerful than we ever imagined.


    Jenni Siri

    Jenni Siri is a freelance graphic artist and web designer. She is a political activist with primary interests in women’s rights, environmentalism, and social justice.


    She was a co-founder of We Are Woman and Women for Bernie Sanders working as an organizer and graphic artist. During her time with We Are Woman she helped to coordinate two rallies at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.


    Jenni has moved on to co-found Our Revolution New Mexico and Frack Free Four Corners and is the digital media director with the Frack off Greater Chaco coalition. She is part of the People for Bernie Sanders team and has created graphics for events such as The People's Summit.


    As someone who was uninsured for many years, Jenni understands the peace of mind that comes from knowing if you get sick you won't end up destitute. She wants all people to have that same security. She has helped with artwork and web design for this March and is the coordinator for the solitary rally in New Mexico.

    Anoa Changa

    Anoa Changa is an attorney in the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan area. She holds a Master in City and Regional Planning from The Ohio State University as well as a Juris Doctorate from West Virginia University College of Law where she was a W.E.B Dubois fellowship recipient.


    Anoa has served as a grassroots digital organizer with Women for Bernie and African Americans for Bernie during the 2016 presidential election cycle. She is a speaker and presenter in progressive spaces. In addition, Anoa serves as deputy director for MPACT, an organization focused on building collective power and agency in underrepresented communities.


    Aside from her life as an attorney, Anoa is a growing presence in the world of independent progressive media. She hosts The Way with Anoa, a weekly talk show and podcast, focusing on politics, news, and community engagement.


    Sandi Franka​

    Sandi Franka is a mom of six and a grandmother of two beautiful children. It's because of them that she has jumped in full throttle to become a progressive activist. Fairly new to politics, her drive to help people has always been in the forefront of her life. Volunteering for homeless shelters, soup kitchens and girls youth detention centers in her area have been a passion of hers for many years and she has always exposed her children to people in need by having them volunteer as well. It was her youngest daughter who showed her a video of Bernie Sanders in early 2015 that really lit the spark and she hasn't stopped since.


    Medicare for All is personal for Sandi because her sister was diagnosed with cancer. Through Obamacare, her treatments have been covered. If there is a complete repeal and replacement of the current healthcare system, her sister will be thrown off of her insurance. Without insurance, she will not be able to afford her treatments and will cease receiving them. No one should ever be faced with this dilemma. Medicare for All is needed even more now, than ever before and Sandi is determined to see it happen.

    Sydney Russell

    Sydney Russell Leed (https://twitter.com/srussellleed) is a second-year medical student in the MD/MPH program at SUNY Upstate Medical University. She is president of the SUNY Upstate chapter of Students for a National Health Program and a volunteer for the Campaign for New York Health.


    She first developed an interest in public health and universal health care while working for an IWW worker center in 2010. This interest has grown into a passion for medical human rights, including the movements for single-payer health care and prison abolition. Sydney is currently involved with community-based research projects on the relationships between structural violence, collective trauma, and health outcomes. She plans to continue this research into her clinical career and use it to help shape public policy.


    Caleb-Michael Files​

    Caleb-Michael Files is a veteran grassroots organizer who finds his best work at the apex of field and digital organizing. Caleb-Michael helped to on the People for Bernie team as a lead digital strategist where he managed debate and election night graphics and supported subsidiary channels with content.


    An active member of Democratic Socialists of America, Caleb-Michael understands that healthcare is a human right and is excited to be working on this project


    Jerri Gurden

    Jerri Gurden is a mother and grandmother, retired from the graphic communications industry where she held positions among schools and non-profit organizations for over 20 years. She has been a volunteer all her life, serving her community, church, and schools. More recently, she has donated time to programs that feed the poor and homeless.


    In 2007, her son was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, which took his life within seven months. The experience of taking care of him, wading through the muck of for-profit medical care, and trying to maintain two households left her grief stricken and financially broken.


    "There is no doubt that my son would have received better care in a system that cared more about people than money. Even so, if not for the fact that just six months earlier he had finally gotten a job that provided insurance, he would surely have died on my couch and there would have been nothing I could have done to help him. It is time (right now) for single payer healthcare for everyone. No one's life is expendable."


    David Robin

    David is the co-founder of Millennials for Revolution, the largest grassroots organization of political active millennials in the U.S., fighting every day for racial, economic, gender, and environmental justice.


    He is also a campaign strategist with Middleseat, and has done social media and website work for Greenhome NYC and Urban Electric Power. He writes regularly for the Millennials for Revolution publication on Medium, and his work has also been in Young Progressive Voices and Angry Millennials, a blog he founded in 2014 focused on generational issues including climate change, student debt, and intersectional justice.


    After obtaining a Masters Degree in Sociology, he canvassed and phone banked for local races in the New York City area. In September 2011, Occupy Wall Street struck the flame which continues to burn today. He has been to hundreds of marches, rallies, and other direct actions since, and began live-tweeting protests in 2014.


    David knows that in the fight to oppose Trumpcare, we must push further and affirm that healthcare is a human right.The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a huge step, but it remains unaffordable for millions of Americans. As someone who is fortunate enough to have insurance but is still thousands of dollars in medical debt for minor procedures and dental work, he understands that we need Medicare-For-All as the antidote to our broken medical system.


    Katie Tillman - Revolution Funding

    Prior to the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Katie Tillman created Delegates and Friends of Delegates for Bernie Sanders 2016. This group and organization was built solely upon fund raising for Delegates for Bernie and the cost included for the Delegates to be there. Our efforts and grassroots building led into www.fundberniedelegates.com


    Overall the grassroots efforts raised $1.8 million for Delegates!


    We have built upon our experience and created an organization called Revolution Funding. Just as Bernie built his campaign by single donations averaging $27, we work to fund raise for all the candidates he has encouraged to run.


    We aren’t looking for corporate donations. So many are new to the process and stepping up without any backing and support. We want to be that support all the way down to local positions such as School Board, City Council, etc.


    No matter how large or small your fund raising needs are our organization is affordable and will work for your funding goal. Every campaign has a once a month membership fee of $100 for the Basic Plan and $175 for our Advanced Plan. We market via social media in all of the highest member and interactive groups that discuss the Political Revolution. Each campaign has the option to customize their social media needs to their state groups.


    Revolution Funding will revolutionize the donating ways of all future candidates and offer the support needed to accomplish what Bernie taught us. Get involved! Run for Office! Don’t be afraid because we have your back! We are the 99%!