• A Message from our Co-Founder

    Bev Cowling and I are the National Co-Founders of MILLIONS MARCHING FOR MEDICARE 4 ALL


    It is our vision to have millions marching on the streets in all 50 States, in their homes, and at our rally on the West Lawn across from the Capitol on July 24th while Congress is in session. We will appeal to the hearts, minds, and souls of every American in a non-partisan manner before the Republicans vote on a healthcare plan they promised would abolish Obamacare.


    As progressives, Bev and I deeply believe in the power of the collective voices of WE THE PEOPLE. We have reached out to any and all progressive organizations and Unions supporting single payer--Improved Medicare for all to enlist their participation all across America.


    Bev Cowling and I need many more volunteers to make July 24 a day that shall live on as the start of universal healthcare by the votes of the elected politicians who work for WE THE PEOPLE. We will remind them in no uncertain terms that we will never cease to work to do whatever it takes in a peaceful manner to achieve Medicare for All as the law of our land.


    Millions Marching for Medicare 4 All is reaching out to the basic humanity that resides within all of us, a humanity that links all of us together as Americans to form a more perfect union. In order to achieve our unalienable right to health for ourselves and for our posterity, every American will need to understand that there is a fundamental self-interest of each one of us to state with absolute clarity and resolve that WE THE PEOPLE will speak with one crystal clear voice to demand from our elected representatives the justice of a fair and non-profit healthcare system.


    Let us all recognize and accept that our right to health shall not be abridged by any political system. Also, let us understand that a Nobel Prize winning famous economist Milton Friedman's research has discovered that we will save $600 BILLION a year with the passage of Medicare for all.


    Therefore, be it resolved that in order to secure the Blessings of maximal health for every child, woman, and man within the United States of America that WE THE PEOPLE shall march and rally in every State and that WE THE PEOPLE shall accept nothing less than than quick passage of a law that establishes the right of every American to choose Medicare for All.


    Be a part of something greater than all of us, Be a part of history, Be a part of saving lives, reducing suffering and preventing medical bankruptcies -- Be a participant in MILLIONS MARCHING FOR MEDICARE FOR ALL.

    -Michael Rushnak, M.D., M.P.H.

  • Michael Rushnak, MD, MPH


    Michael Rushnak, MD, MPH, is a retired physician and a two-time cancer survivor who escaped being quadriplegic because of a spinal surgery that removed a piece of bone that had embedded itself in the spinal cord of his neck. He knows he is a survivor because he had great healthcare coverage. Dr. Rushnak wants that same affordable care for every American and has made it a crusade in his life.

    Graduating from Rutgers Medical School in 1974, he became an internist and gastroenterologist in his own private practice until he saw the for-profit “sickness-medical-complex” take over the healthcare system of earlier days. Michael entered politics in the late 1980’s and was elected the local Democratic Chairman of his town in NJ. He was selected to be an alternate delegate for Bill Clinton because of Clinton’s desire for health reform. Despite meeting with the President, Dr. Rushnak and many physicians and nurses were excluded from the Task Force of so-called Hillarycare, which imploded.

    Michael earned a Masters of Public Health degree From Rutgers School of Public health and was appointed to be Managing Physician of Health Care Planning for the NJ State Department of Health, but was greatly disheartened when all healthcare decisions of physicians within the Department had to be approved by the Governor. In 2008, he co-founded Americans for Healthcare on Facebook and spoke up at a public hearing of a NJ politician, Congressman Frank Pallone (D) who claimed to be one of the chief architects of Obamacare. Dr. Rushnak asked a simple question: “Have you or any member of Congress asked any healthcare professional to be involved in the writing of the ACA?” The reply was NO.

    At present time, Dr Rushnak is co-founder MILLIONS MARCHING FOR MEDICARE 4 ALL, which will be coordinating massive, non-partisan marches in all 50 states and a huge rally on the Capitol’s West Lawn on July 24th to appeal directly to the American people to do what is in their own self-interest: to demand Medicare for All.

    Beverly Cowling

    Co-Founder and Treasurer

    Beverly Cowling is a certified trainer in Human Resource Development, specializing in conducting seminars on Value and Ethics, Working Together and Management Training. She is a public speaker and a former certified lay speaker with the UMC. She is a retired city letter carrier and has been a progressive activist for nearly forty years.

    Her passion for Single Payer health care was precipitated by her daughter, Shannon's, illness that went undiagnosed for 19 years due to inability to obtain health insurance. Shannon has Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, the most painful condition known to the medical world. When Shannon finally obtained insurance through the ACA exchange, she got a diagnosis, but by then was at late stage 3 in the disease. Had she had been diagnosed at the age of 19, she could have been held to stage 1 and able to lead a relatively normal life. Instead, she lives in chronic and severe pain and is only able to maneuver outside the home by wheelchair.


    She will never realize her dream of running a no-kill animal shelter. Ironically, the insurance that enabled her to get a diagnosis doesn't cover the one treatment that offers her a bit of relief, so the costs of her disease are enormously high and sorely affect the quality of life Shannon and her husband, James, are able to live. Bev is devoting her life to fighting for coverage for Shannon's treatments and ensuring this never happens to any other living soul.

    Bev frequently says that the most abhorrent thing she hears is that health care is a privilege, not a right. She will say to you emphatically, "You cannot tell me that one person's life has more value because of the size of their bank account." That is why she has co-founded Millions Marching For Medicare 4 All, and is determined to continue the fight to her last breath.